A Vital need and a Winning path to Every Educator…is ICEPT at A I C..

As a student of AIC… I would recommend  Asian International College (AIC)  for our continual improvement or up gradation as educators AIC winseeks to connect with the community of global citizens who share a participatory approach to learning and are interested in being leaders of today’s knowledge economy in order to be ready for the future. Learners join AIC’s programmes not just to be ‘taught’ but to think, participate and create.



AIC’s Faculty do more than ‘teach’. They listen, provoke and challenge.This is very true. Director Jeremy is a wonderful mentor and guide. Madam.Melanie is also an awesome facilitator helping every learner attain knowledge understand and excel, I love AIC. I am a student of this college and I recommend every educator to undergo this course ICEPT.. A wonderful course which would enable every one of us to understand the holistic process of education which focuses on Preparation and planning, enabling us to provide active learning , enriches us with appropriate assessment tools and techniques and finally to evaluate ourselves to improve upon.

This Early childhood Education enhances every teacher in performing the following tasks:

  • Plan activities using a variety of materials and equipment to develop good coordination, social skills, creativity, self-expression and an interest in learning
  • Promote language development and self-confidence through storytelling, drama, music and discussions
  • Help to organize and participate in excursions to enhance learning experiences
  • Encourage children to question and explore the world in which they live
  • Observe children to evaluate and record their progress and to detect signs of developmental disorder, ill health or emotional disturbance
  • Recommend appropriate programs for further development
  • Work with guidance officers, speech pathologists and psychologists to assist children with special needs
  • Help integrate children with special needs into mainstream classes
  • Promote health and safety concepts and social interaction with other children
  • Promote an awareness and appreciation of the multicultural society in which we live
  • Attend to sick children and those in need of first aid
  • Comfort children who are hurt or distressed
  • Assist children with their toileting and personal hygiene
  • Discuss aspects of the child’s development with parents and other educators
  • Discuss with parents the aims of the education program
  • Participate in community activities and parent/staff committees
  • Supervise and work with student teachers and trainee child care workers.
  • To be successful visit and enroll today..
  • www.aicindia.in

My Heartfelt gratitude to my honourable and dynamic CEO.Mr.M.V.M Vel Murugan Sir, for providing me such golden opportunities to keep myself equipped.


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