The Pre School Vital Signs- Betty’s Word Press.

The Pre School Vital Signs- Betty’s Word Press.
If we instill good habits in our children at an early age, chances are that they will continue these behaviors for years to come. Here is an opportunity for me to share my e -resources on healthy foods, good habits for optimum health. Proper nutrition, safety in and out of the home, in the present and future. Since teaching and modeling such behaviors can help your child embrace them for life.

My e- resource is a compilation of materials which speaks about required Nutrition, Health, safety and it’s Importance For Our Children. This source is very useful since it contains all kinds of information for a preschool educators such as articles, websites, newsletters and videos shared for all to obtain a fine tuned and deeper learning experience with values and knowledge to educate and lead children at home and at school or any learning place.



The preschool years are an important time for developing healthy habits for life. From the ages of 2 to 5, children grow and develop in ways that affect behavior in all areas, including eating. As preschoolers grow, they change physically, mentally, and socially. Every child develops eating habits at a different pace. Since it is very important to create a strong, healthy good habituated future nation who are equipped with all necessary, skills, knowledge and understanding for their future to create a winning and successful nation.



It is the role of us the educators to realize the necessity of educating our future generations with appropriate strategies to create an awareness to know and understand the hidden dangers and hazards and to know the pre cautious methods to be safe and sum. There is a high risk of health so it is high time and also our duty to inculcate good healthy habits among our children and also to educate our parents to nurture the children with appropriate health care by periodical immunization by following the information on vaccination at the right time to protect our children from dangerous health hazards.


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We should keep our children nurtured. We should help our preschooler eat well, be active, and grow up healthy as young children need your help to develop healthy eating and physical activity habits for life. During their early years, we and our preschooler’s doctor are partners in maintaining our child’s health. In order to grow properly, they must eat a well-balanced diet since a well-balanced diet incorporates all of the food groups represented in the food guide pyramid. Children who eat the recommended servings from each of the five food groups will have the necessary energy to learn and grow.



It is our prime duty as Early childhood professionals to promote physical and mental health and appropriate nutrition and provide an emotionally and physically safe environment for young children in partnership with their families. Sound health, safety, and nutritional practices provide the foundation for development and learning. Good nutrition is critical to overall development of young children. Meals and snacks encourage good nutrition and eating habits. A safe environment prevents and reduces injuries for young children who are only beginning to recognize dangerous situations.


I thank my VET- CEO.Mr.VelMurugan. for having given me chance to do this course. All glory to God. I am very grateful to Asian International College- Singapore for having enabled me to present this post. As a student of  ICEPT – I wish to thank my Facilitator, Mentor and Educator Dr.Jeremy Williams -Director of AIC for guiding me to prepare and curate my e-resources in this forum. Thanks to AIC- Melanie my Mentor, guide and facilitator also.I would proudly say and conclude that every educator should undergo this course to obtain a holistic learning in life.